If I steal or clone someone's PRIDE card and they have some bonus points on it, do I get those points too?

No. Only the Base points (written at the bottom of the card) can be stolen or cloned. If you take a PRIDE card from an opponent, their bonus points disappear.

What is the best way to get coffee stains out of my carpet?

You're on the wrong FAQ board . . . but maybe try club soda?

Can i steal the mummy want banana card from an opponent?

No. It is infallible, which means it cannot be effected by any other card.

What if the final card chosen for me can't be played? Like, "Withholding shame" is selected but I don't have a SHAME card to go with it?

Then that card is discarded and the turn ends.

What temperature is ideal for playing this game?

Going too far below freezing could be detrimental to a player' s health. Same goes for extreme high temperatures. Any temperature that is suitable for maintaining life is ideal for playing this game.

What does the Gatekeeper card do?



You're right.

What if the final Pride score is a tie?

We suggest the tie can be broken with a sudden-death Mummy Want Banana duel. If it is somehow a tie between more than two players . . . perhaps a vote on the coolest life story? Or if you really have the time . . . play the whole game again!!

When we roll for the amount of regular turns, is that amount for each player or all of us?

Each player gets that amount of turns/draws.

Can I make a card Infallible if it already has another Event card attached to it?

Yes, Event cards can be stacked. But once it has been made Infallible, no more can be added to it.

Can a Clone card be affected by other Event cards?

Yes. It is treated exactly as the original. Also, if anything happens to the original, it effects any Clone of it the same.

What does "Ich bin ein Berliner" have to do with Infallibility?


What happens if Rage Quit is picked for me on the last turn?

Read the card . . . you've lost! Bet that really makes you wanna Rage huh? Go on then! Rage it up Ragey!

Do I have to play Mummy Want Banana immediately when I draw it?

No. You can keep it in your hand and use it on any of your future turns (or not).

Do I have to make drinks or dance when a card suggest I do?

It isn't necessary . . . but I'll bet you're better than you think!

Am I required to provide Pope+ tokens?


Is that what I think it is in the Woodstock card's drawing?


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